Sunday, January 11, 2009

Testing, Testing!

Stunt Games, the film, is, more than ever, ALIVE!! We're currently in the postproduction process, and soon we will have great news!

I will try to use this blog, temporarily, until the new web will be online, so I can post my ideas, sufferings, the progress and whatever goes through my mind, while we finish our film.

So, by now, I was editing, and saw this frame of Mariam Hernandez, in a moment of action, that I loved!!

Soon, more!!


Anonymous said...

hola david nosé si soy el primero:P, pero bueno espero que esto ya sea un adelanto, para el proyecto que comenzó en verano del 2007.
Nada que sigas para adelante y que JDL finalize sana y salva, espero poder ayudar en todo lo que pueda con la ediicón de acción y peleas,que tengo muchas ganas de verlo ya, un abrazo muy grande y mucha mierda!!!!

saludos. Dani
Especialista de JDL

Anonymous said...

I loved this blog, very good work, David!

I said only one think: JDL begining in 2005, I see the power in Potencia Producciones (Professional people), when I work in the production to making Mujer de Luna (short film)...

Thanks for all, hope to see again Canarias Island.

Actor y Coreografo de Accion (JDL)