Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Incredible News!!!

Tomorrow we're shooting the last takes of the remaining extra scene we created on March, and with this we are wrapping the main shooting!

This week we have re-started the final cut editing of the film with Machango Studio guys, and we're in a hurry because we are going to start the final sound mixing of the film very soon, and it's in this area where we have some great news!!!!

The great guys at Factoria de Creación Sonora are joining "Stunt Games" and it's huge family, this sound monsters, specialized on live sound recording, sound mixing, and live sound installations, will come aboard with us in this adventure, and they're going to do it, in an AMAZING way, they're going to work into the film to deliver a pristine 5.1 Surround Sound mix, isn't that cool???!!

So, guys, welcome aboard!!! It's a great pleasure to sail this ship with you! Many many thanks, Hector!!

We're going to have lots of amazing news in the next weeks, this going to be wild, so stay tuned!!