Friday, May 29, 2009

Shooting of the Music Video of the song "Stunt Games" By Pablo "Jammy" and R.Shark

During the last weeks, we have take advantage of the main shooting getting on hold, and we have done our homework, doing some work which was scheduled for later on.

The most important of this thing, and authentic surprise, will be the first important promotional action of the film, it's the Music Video of the Main song of the film "Stunt Games" song by Pablo "Jammy" Montesdeoca and R.Shark.

The Video will be available very soon, and it would be a great taste of what it's coming regarding the promo of the film. So... Enjoy it!!

Here are some photos of the shooting:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 months in 3 minutes

Well, I know, it has been a while (3 months in fact) since the last update, but don't think things have gone steadier, in fact it has been such a rush that I hadn't the chance to update this blog.

I will try to briefly resume what the progress on "Stunt Games" has been during these months:

- On March, I worked with Pedro and Chedey from Machangostudio, on some parts of the story, to reinforce them and thanks to their advices and ideas, I written up from scratch some new scenes and shots for the movie.

- Beginning of April: I travel to Madrid to shot 2 new scenes for the film, including a spectacular ending fighting for the Twins. It was a blast working with the Dasz brothers there, I enjoyed it a lot, and the production which was done nearly entirely by them worked flawlessly. In fact all things went so nice and fast, that I ended shooting 3 days before schedule, and I enjoyed that 3 days in bed, with a bad cold, haha! And my last day there, was an adventure, we decided to shot some stuff more and I ended up near loosing my plane... What a day!

- Ending of April: Shooting of another extra scene, this time with the Mafia Chief (my uncle, haha). The shooting was entirely done in a chroma, in the MeideiStudio headquarters, David Macias, did some testing of the composition, and the result was simply amazing!

Also, David Macias, talked about making some initial credits for the film.

- April / May : Several meetings with Pablo "Jammy" Montesdeoca, for the music. We came up with some rally nice ideas, and we decided to shoot the video-clip of the main song of the film "Stunt Games" (starting soon)

- May 11 - 18th Week: This Thursday the shooting was cancelled due to the weather (damn, it was raining really hard there).

- May 18 - 25th Week: If all things work, this week we will shoot the remaining scenes of the film, only remaining a small extra ( the Tv News), and maybe start shooting the music video-clip video-clip for the main theme song.