Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 months in 3 minutes

Well, I know, it has been a while (3 months in fact) since the last update, but don't think things have gone steadier, in fact it has been such a rush that I hadn't the chance to update this blog.

I will try to briefly resume what the progress on "Stunt Games" has been during these months:

- On March, I worked with Pedro and Chedey from Machangostudio, on some parts of the story, to reinforce them and thanks to their advices and ideas, I written up from scratch some new scenes and shots for the movie.

- Beginning of April: I travel to Madrid to shot 2 new scenes for the film, including a spectacular ending fighting for the Twins. It was a blast working with the Dasz brothers there, I enjoyed it a lot, and the production which was done nearly entirely by them worked flawlessly. In fact all things went so nice and fast, that I ended shooting 3 days before schedule, and I enjoyed that 3 days in bed, with a bad cold, haha! And my last day there, was an adventure, we decided to shot some stuff more and I ended up near loosing my plane... What a day!

- Ending of April: Shooting of another extra scene, this time with the Mafia Chief (my uncle, haha). The shooting was entirely done in a chroma, in the MeideiStudio headquarters, David Macias, did some testing of the composition, and the result was simply amazing!

Also, David Macias, talked about making some initial credits for the film.

- April / May : Several meetings with Pablo "Jammy" Montesdeoca, for the music. We came up with some rally nice ideas, and we decided to shoot the video-clip of the main song of the film "Stunt Games" (starting soon)

- May 11 - 18th Week: This Thursday the shooting was cancelled due to the weather (damn, it was raining really hard there).

- May 18 - 25th Week: If all things work, this week we will shoot the remaining scenes of the film, only remaining a small extra ( the Tv News), and maybe start shooting the music video-clip video-clip for the main theme song.

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