Friday, January 23, 2009

State of the Nation.

Stunt Games is more alive than ever, and I'm not the only saying that, Obama says that too, so you have to trust it! ;).

MachangoStudio, monsters of the animation and postproduction, are coming aboard with us, and they will deliver all the editing and post process to the film. Right now they're working in a 1st Draft of the film, and soon they're planing to release a new trailer for the film, that it's going to be PURE DINAMITE.

Pablo Jammy Montesdeoca, a GREAT Friend, and pal, along with the Huge (not only as artist but as a person) R. Shark, both of them nominated as final runners on Eurovision 09, are finishing an astonishing song, that's going to be the main piece for the film. In the Musical field, Stunt Games is going to collaborate with some artists more, some of them from the USA, we will give this news soon... :)

An there will be lots of brave people that will join us, to help finish this HUGE project, that we all have worked hard, and I hope you will enjoy it when the moment of it, in the silver screen comes, that moment will be special, and a moment for all of us, to enjoy, and be happy with our work.

Soon, more!

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