Friday, February 13, 2009

"Stunt Games" - Original Song from the O.S.T.

This Wednesday, we have recorded the song "Stunt Games" with Pablo "Jammy" Montesdeoca and R. Shark. I'm going to say it in short words: THE SONG IS AMAZING. IS A HIT.

It was a blast recoding the song with Pablo and Ramon, we laughed a lot, and the song became amazingly great.

The mastering and recording was done in  Marble Records, by Nestor García, and the results were completely STUNNING!

And as I promised, I said that if this song resulted on a hit, I would be running nude across the street, so here I am:

Just a warning: This song is gonna play a lot all over the place, not only in the film, it's gonna be a REAL HIT!

A bit more of sand to the movie!

Soon, more!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hola a David y a a todos los implicados en el proyecto. Fue un placer trabajar con ustedes en la grabación de la BSO. Desde Marble Records les deseamos mucha suerte en el mismo.
Un abrazo.